Thru the looking glass

27 Nov , 2016   Gallery

Thru the Looking Glass; IPA Winners Reiko Yagi and Nino Jim Bacalso
11 Dec 2016, 7.30pm at The 1961 Gallery. Link to FB event page

In sequence with the Mirage Collective Exhibition and Angkor PhotoFestival, street photographer Nino Jim Bacalso and veteran pinhole artist Reiko Yagi host an evening Q&A session at Gallery ’61.

Each artist’s contemporary work received singular honors at this year’s IPA awards.

Reiko and Nino will speak directly to the IPA experience as well as their historical role within the medium of otherworldly geometries; street, fine art, film, performance, digital and antique photography.

Nino Jim Bacalso, Patterns of Street Skateboarding

Nino Jim Bacalso, Geometries

Nino Jim Bacalso, Roughnecking

Reiko Yagi, Scenes from solo exhibition and BIWAKO Biennale

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