Mirage Collective

17 Nov , 2016  


Exhibition Launch event on 19 November, 7pm at The 1961 Gallery

The 1961 Gallery will host Mirage Collective, a unique international collaboration between five street photographers.

Reiko Yagi, b. Shiga, Japan.
Nino Jim Bacalso, b. Cebu, Philippines
Max Tremblay, b. Montreal, Canada
Serey Siv, b. Montreal, Canada

Mirage members shoot with the pinhole camera, digital mechanics, or on 120 medium format film with a Rolleiflex, or 35mm film with a Leica, using a variety of labor-intensive methods in their work.

Mirage collective resurrects film from the chemical or silicon bath. Some members choose to employ darkroom ritual passed over or neglected in the now pixilated field of photographic art.

Others wade through a systematic sea of memory, manipulating a spectrum of images stored to the modern camera’s quantum motherboard.

Their efforts reveal for you, the natural viewer, the pedestrian, an eerie often gutting photo-narrative which documents the habitual yet wildly unknown behavioral aesthetic of the back street.

Mirage Collective works will display at the 1961 Gallery, November 19 through December 19, 2016.
Find out more on the Facebook event page

note: The Gallery at The 1961 is a public exhibition space. We provide free viewing and gallery tours for the public from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

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New in the Gallery: SOW & REAP

22 Jul , 2015  


Exciting news! This Saturday we are unveiling a new exhibition in the 1961 Gallery: SOW & Reap featuring the works of Shaun Gingell, Phok Sopheap and 1961 co-founder, Loven Ramos.

But don’t just take our word for it, come see it for yourself! 

Join us Saturday, July 25 for the opening party. Canapés and drinks will be available from 7 p.m.

Artist Shaun Gingell has given us a bit more about what to expect from SOW.


SOW: An exploration of Shaun Gingell’s new works entitled FEEL

A teacher once taught me to focus on body practice in correlation to artistic practice. The results create a dialogue between internal and external worlds, symbolised with half closed eyes transpersonal spaces are attained. These teachings and others like them continue to influence me, and my new series of works entitled ‘Feel’ stems from direct involvement in such pursuits.

Back in 2011, during meditations I began to see a flying image of Superman and his flashing logo. I interpreted this not as prophetic but as a symbolic archetype of my cultural heritage. In a space, where for example, Cambodian’s may be treated to the presence of a Buddha. To make sense of this I listed the qualities of ‘S’, ‘masculine, protector, virtue…’ but I was left in an unresolved space, as they although valid, did not express the emotional pull I had felt. In the years since this experience often came back for conscious reflection.

In January 2015, I had the time and space to produce new work that was to be outside the ‘tortured artist’ paradigm that I used to feel a certain romance with. By March, I found myself trapped in a gold fish bowl of my own process, and I was about to denounce art forever, when I in exhaustion, realised my ‘emotional ties’ to ‘S’. It all stems from a primal instinctive relationship that we all have to the strong use of colour, and defined space.

In the works of ‘Feel’ existentialism is still thematic, but with an optimism that is fed by what I was taught in the East, yoga. A closer look at the pieces reveals the scars and veins of past karma’s that have resolved themselves into a fixed colourful language that provokes and confronts. ‘Feel’ aims to if only for a brief moment hit a ‘transpersonal space’ where fusion, and new narrative can arise; leading one to rediscover places that we may have all long left behind.

About the artist: Shaun Gingell

I was born in England in 1983 and raised in the city of Sunderland on the North East coast. In my teenage years I had a strong interest in art that developed and naturally opened up during my BA studies in Fine art at the Lincoln of School of Art and Design, England. After a time working in a 3D/creative team at a prominent London department store, I returned home to Sunderland for further study, and in 2010 I completed my MA in Fine Art with distinction. In 2011, I departed to Asia to develop my self and my art. Through an investigative approach to material, installation and painting, my practice explores ideas of the self and it’s extensive habitat. In 2014 settled in Siem Reap for a year to make art.

University of Sunderland, FT 2001 – 2002,

Btec Foundation in Art and Design,
University of Lincoln, FT 2002 – 2005

BA (Hons) Fine Art

University of Sunderland, PT 2008 – 2011

MA Fine Art,
Group Exhibitions:

‘Sweet FA’, December 13th – 18th 2004, Lincoln Central Library.

‘Together’, Febuary 28th – 13th March 2005, Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln.

‘Tapestry’, March 21 – April 25th 2005, Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsbrough.

‘ The Second Exhibition of Fine Arts From the University of Lincoln UK’, May 12 – 19th 2005, Artists House Gallery, Iran.

‘Fine Art Final Show’ June 2005, University of Lincoln.

‘Moved in!!’ November 5 – 20th 2007 Unit C, Arena Design Centre, Manor house, London.

MA FA 2010 , 19th 26 July2010, University of Sunderland.

MA FA 26th July 10 August 2010, Holy Biscuit, Newcastle.

Open Studios + ‘Rust’ , October 20th 7pm- 9 pm, PopUp Studios Newcastle.

Solo Exhibitions:

Shadow Paintings, Feb 5 -10 th 2009, University of Sunderland Arts and Design Canteen.

Works on Metal, March 1- 10th 2008, The White Rooms, Sunderland.

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Barefoot Leader Workshop: Spice up your meetings

4 May , 2015  


We’ve all been there; struggling to stay focused during a drawn out presentation or worse, flipping through your own PowerPoint while watching your audience gradually disengage.

Gabriel Ellis-Ferrara, founder of Barefoot Leaders understands and wants to help you bring life back into your meetings. With his MBA background and passion for art Gabriel consults with a variety of businesses on a new method for motivating audiences: Visual Meetings.

Intrigued? So are we.

Wednesday, May 6 from 6 – 9 p.m. and Saturday, May 9 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Gabriel will be hosting workshops at the 1961 to teach you how to transform the way you lead and motivate your team.

The workshop is $15 if you register early, $20 at the door.

What you’ll get:

  • 3-hour workshop led by the founder of Barefoot Leaders
  • Visual Leadership Certificate
  • “Visual Leadership” handout
  • 25% off consulting services
  • All workshop materials provided

Learn more about Barefoot Leaders on their website.

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Be a Host – Airbnb Meetup

23 Dec , 2014   Video

The 1961 will be hosting the very first Airbnb meetup in Cambodia on Saturday 27 Dec, 5pm-8pm. We are very excited about this as we have tremendous respect for the success this young company has achieved since it was founded in 2008. As a coworking space we also stand alongside Airbnb in the so-called Sharing Economy

If you are not familiar with Airbnb, here’s a brief description:

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

Airbnb is looking to develop an array of interesting places to stay in Cambodia to provide unique experiences for travelers. We’ll be making a bit of cash on the side with this which is not bad either! This meetup will be all about hosting: the philosophy of Airbnb, how to set up an account and how to create a listing, hosting standards and tips and trick on how to become an amazing host!

It’s free to join but you’ll need to register as the number of attendees is limited. Here’s the link to the event http://bit.ly/1z6zoRj

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Urban Beats – The Buddhist Bug

15 Dec , 2014  

Urban Beats BBug

Sat 20 Dec 2014 – 8pm until late

Art, Music, Fashion and Cocktails to celebrate our city.

This is our night. Our city. Our home.


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The Buddhist Bug Exhibition

15 Dec , 2014  


The Buddhist Bug by Anida Yoeu Ali
Showing December 21, 2014 – Jan 20, 2015
Viewing hours: 10am-5pm, everyday
The 1961 Coworking and Art Space


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Kim Hak Exhibition

1 Dec , 2014  

Kim Hak

As a young boy, Kim Hak has seen his mother boil water, and sometimes a wild chicken in a kettle the family have been using during the turbulent years of the Khmer Rouge regime.

His fascination towards objects and heirlooms that Cambodians kept, sometimes secretly, during the civil unrests, has now become photographs in an ongoing series called “Alive”. Each image in “Alive” is the possession of a Cambodian that has endured years of hardship under the Khmer Rouge regime.

Original article appeared on angkor-photo.com


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Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2014

18 Nov , 2014  


This weekend, The 1961 sponsored Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2014 and we sent our very own ambassador Phil to help facilitate.


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Urban Beats Loft

13 Nov , 2014  


A chic loft party to celebrate the launch of the Art Archives.

Exhibition by Jorge Rodriguez. Music by DJ Passion Fingers and Blayche. Fashion “Trunk Show” by Trunkh. New York Cocktails by The Hive.

This is our night. Our city. Our home.


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17 Oct , 2014  


Choices | A Conversation Installation by Dipika Kohli

Wednesday 7pm-9pm
The 1961 Coworking and Art Space
Participation Fee 5 USD – RSVP

Register here


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