Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2014

18 Nov , 2014  

This weekend, The 1961 sponsored Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2014 and we sent our very own ambassador Phil to help facilitate.

Startup Weekend is a global 54 hour startup and entrepreneurship challenge by Teams form around ideas on a Friday evening and work day and night on building a startup until they pitch in front of a jury on Sunday evening. It’s intense and hard work for the participants.

Some teams will continue to build their projects after the weekend, some might even receive funding, but the most important is to have this experience, learn a lot, meet like-minded people and build a community – a startup ecosystem – in Phnom Penh and the whole of Cambodia.

Here are the winning teams for Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2014:


#1 Street Foodies

The team of Street Foodies are putting together a mobile app to make it easy to find good street food in Phnom Penh. They will also provide street food tours for people to discover some of the hidden food gems in the city. Look at their website for more information.


#2 Joonneak

Joonneak is a project we’re sure most of us have been waiting for: a reliable and easy delivery service in Phnom Penh and hopefully the rest of Cambodia. Traffic in Phnom Penh is annoying and nobody likes to go out and drive half across town for a single purpose. It’s easy to ask a tuk tuk or moto to do this for you but it might be a hassle (# of phonecalls you need to make) and possibly not reliable.
Joonneak will solve these problems by being the middleman between businesses and their customers. They will make it easy for you to order and have products delivered to your doorstep at a requested time. They hope to offer monthly packages, like x deliveries for a fix price of x USD.


#3 Office Bootcamp

The members of Office Bootcamp correctly identified an opportunity in the supply of quality staff training in Cambodia. They aim to offer immersive training programs over a period of 4 weeks, in which they will focus on a combination of soft and hard skills.

Some more details about the impressive list of judges, coaches and organizers this year:


Stephen Paterson Coordinator of Mekong Business Challenge
Janice Wilson E-commerce advisor at Ministry of Commerce
Piseth Sok CEO & Co-Founder of G Gear Co.,Ltd
Divon Lan Next Wave Emerging Markets, Google
Calen Martin Legaspi CEO, Orange & Bronze Software Labs
Greta Greathouse Chief of Party at Development Innovations


Channe Suy Lan Regional Lead at InSTEDD Innovation Lab South East Asia
Darren Jensen Rails & AngularJS Consultant and Founder at DevBootstrap
Albert Lee Vice President of MekongNet
Mike Gaertner COO – Sabay Digital
Dominik Stankowski Executive Director at Web Essentials
Dave Wilkie Founder – Chibi
Jesse Orndorff Owner – Bearded Design
Angela Nägele UX design expert – concept design and mobile design
Akira Morita Innovation Design and owner of Design Kompany


Leap Sok Main Organizer
Sopheap Im Main Organizer
Chantra Be Organizer
Sophat Chy Organizer
Amarit Charoenphan Facilitator
Philippe Ceulen Facilitator

And yes … the first Startup Weekend Siem Reap is coming soon … stay tuned for more information!

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