17 Oct , 2014  

Choices | A Conversation Installation by Dipika Kohli

Wednesday 7pm-9pm
The 1961 Coworking and Art Space
Participation Fee 5 USD – RSVP

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Choices: a conversation, is set to take place from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday, October 22. It will be hosted by Dipika Kohli, who came to Cambodia overland from Chiang Mai in March through Siem Reap, bypassing Angkor Wat en route to Phnom Penh, the place she now calls home. (She did hit Aeon Mall, however. Unwittingly.)

HAVING CHOICES is fine and all, but how do we decide? Whether it’s relationships, careers, or where to live, the modern international has plenty of scope. We are presented with new inputs and opportunities because we’re resourceful to know where to look, but we also constantly ask ourselves, “What about if?”

American-born Dipika Kohli, who says she “makes space,” hasn’t had a day job since 2005, and decided in 2013 she was going to “move to Asia” to see what might happen. “People I meet in Cambodia,” she says, “seem to worry a lot. They’re not sure about love, or work, or what they want to do next. Even the next few months seem like they’re up in the air.” The biggest question for seasoned careerists or just-starting out hopefuls veers to the same channel: “Now what?”

Let’s have a lighthearted conversation about forks, factors, and futures. Dipika will present two tools for you to use to discover what’s obvious for your next steps as you chart your course. That’s right: two tools.

Which one will you try? Find out what your options are. After all, you get to pick.

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Dipika Kohli on Strikingly and Twitter

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