Thru the looking glass

27 Nov , 2016   Gallery


Thru the Looking Glass; IPA Winners Reiko Yagi and Nino Jim Bacalso
11 Dec 2016, 7.30pm at The 1961 Gallery. Link to FB event page


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Mirage Collective

17 Nov , 2016  


Exhibition Launch event on 19 November, 7pm at The 1961 Gallery

The 1961 Gallery will host Mirage Collective, a unique international collaboration between five street photographers.

Reiko Yagi, b. Shiga, Japan.
Nino Jim Bacalso, b. Cebu, Philippines
Max Tremblay, b. Montreal, Canada
Serey Siv, b. Montreal, Canada

Mirage members shoot with the pinhole camera, digital mechanics, or on 120 medium format film with a Rolleiflex, or 35mm film with a Leica, using a variety of labor-intensive methods in their work.

Mirage collective resurrects film from the chemical or silicon bath. Some members choose to employ darkroom ritual passed over or neglected in the now pixilated field of photographic art.

Others wade through a systematic sea of memory, manipulating a spectrum of images stored to the modern camera’s quantum motherboard.

Their efforts reveal for you, the natural viewer, the pedestrian, an eerie often gutting photo-narrative which documents the habitual yet wildly unknown behavioral aesthetic of the back street.

Mirage Collective works will display at the 1961 Gallery, November 19 through December 19, 2016.
Find out more on the Facebook event page

note: The Gallery at The 1961 is a public exhibition space. We provide free viewing and gallery tours for the public from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

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New in the Gallery: SOW & REAP

22 Jul , 2015  


Exciting news! This Saturday we are unveiling a new exhibition in the 1961 Gallery: SOW & Reap featuring the works of Shaun Gingell, Phok Sopheap and 1961 co-founder, Loven Ramos.

But don’t just take our word for it, come see it for yourself! 

Join us Saturday, July 25 for the opening party. Canapés and drinks will be available from 7 p.m.

Artist Shaun Gingell has given us a bit more about what to expect from SOW.


SOW: An exploration of Shaun Gingell’s new works entitled FEEL

A teacher once taught me to focus on body practice in correlation to artistic practice. The results create a dialogue between internal and external worlds, symbolised with half closed eyes transpersonal spaces are attained. These teachings and others like them continue to influence me, and my new series of works entitled ‘Feel’ stems from direct involvement in such pursuits.

Back in 2011, during meditations I began to see a flying image of Superman and his flashing logo. I interpreted this not as prophetic but as a symbolic archetype of my cultural heritage. In a space, where for example, Cambodian’s may be treated to the presence of a Buddha. To make sense of this I listed the qualities of ‘S’, ‘masculine, protector, virtue…’ but I was left in an unresolved space, as they although valid, did not express the emotional pull I had felt. In the years since this experience often came back for conscious reflection.

In January 2015, I had the time and space to produce new work that was to be outside the ‘tortured artist’ paradigm that I used to feel a certain romance with. By March, I found myself trapped in a gold fish bowl of my own process, and I was about to denounce art forever, when I in exhaustion, realised my ‘emotional ties’ to ‘S’. It all stems from a primal instinctive relationship that we all have to the strong use of colour, and defined space.

In the works of ‘Feel’ existentialism is still thematic, but with an optimism that is fed by what I was taught in the East, yoga. A closer look at the pieces reveals the scars and veins of past karma’s that have resolved themselves into a fixed colourful language that provokes and confronts. ‘Feel’ aims to if only for a brief moment hit a ‘transpersonal space’ where fusion, and new narrative can arise; leading one to rediscover places that we may have all long left behind.

About the artist: Shaun Gingell

I was born in England in 1983 and raised in the city of Sunderland on the North East coast. In my teenage years I had a strong interest in art that developed and naturally opened up during my BA studies in Fine art at the Lincoln of School of Art and Design, England. After a time working in a 3D/creative team at a prominent London department store, I returned home to Sunderland for further study, and in 2010 I completed my MA in Fine Art with distinction. In 2011, I departed to Asia to develop my self and my art. Through an investigative approach to material, installation and painting, my practice explores ideas of the self and it’s extensive habitat. In 2014 settled in Siem Reap for a year to make art.

University of Sunderland, FT 2001 – 2002,

Btec Foundation in Art and Design,
University of Lincoln, FT 2002 – 2005

BA (Hons) Fine Art

University of Sunderland, PT 2008 – 2011

MA Fine Art,
Group Exhibitions:

‘Sweet FA’, December 13th – 18th 2004, Lincoln Central Library.

‘Together’, Febuary 28th – 13th March 2005, Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln.

‘Tapestry’, March 21 – April 25th 2005, Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsbrough.

‘ The Second Exhibition of Fine Arts From the University of Lincoln UK’, May 12 – 19th 2005, Artists House Gallery, Iran.

‘Fine Art Final Show’ June 2005, University of Lincoln.

‘Moved in!!’ November 5 – 20th 2007 Unit C, Arena Design Centre, Manor house, London.

MA FA 2010 , 19th 26 July2010, University of Sunderland.

MA FA 26th July 10 August 2010, Holy Biscuit, Newcastle.

Open Studios + ‘Rust’ , October 20th 7pm- 9 pm, PopUp Studios Newcastle.

Solo Exhibitions:

Shadow Paintings, Feb 5 -10 th 2009, University of Sunderland Arts and Design Canteen.

Works on Metal, March 1- 10th 2008, The White Rooms, Sunderland.

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Office Yoga.with.Maike

8 Jul , 2015  


Today’s post comes from our friend Maike Pulver, a certified yoga instructor at the Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Siem Reap, and founder of Yoga.with.Maike.

Last month Maike held a workshop at the 1961 about the usefulness of yoga in an office environment. While we didn’t roll out the mats, we discussed the importance of applying the same type of mindfulness to every aspect of our lives, especially when we spend the majority of our time sitting (and slouching) in front of a computer screen.

Since the rain kept a lot of people away we thought it’d be great if Maike could share a bit about the workshop with the 1961 community.



Welcome to the digital generation!

Today many occupations involve working on a computer, free time activities and even regular communication are organized around screen devices. New behavior brings up new challenges we have to face. The main challenges of screen oriented jobs are the unnatural body posture, lack of movement and shallow breathing (to only name a few!).

Companies with a high number of screen related jobs identified these challenges over the last few years – seeing employees as one of the most valuable resources of a company, the health and motivation counts and needs to be taken care of to ensure a sustainable future for the company. Google, Yahoo!, Nike, etc. are some of the companies offering on campus yoga classes to support employees’ well-being.

What do you do to increase your health and well-being after work?

First of all – ask yourself how you feel after or even during a day at work. Do you feel tension in your shoulders, back pain? Do you feel tired or even weak? Just name a few for yourself so you can then find solutions for your individual situation.


Want to make changes and feel better after work?

Here are the main points to be aware of:

Starting with the big three for everyone everywhere: sleeping regularly, eating balanced and healthy, and drinking plenty of water! Sounds easy – but are you doing it?

Move your body

Our body is not made to sit in a 90 degree angle for many hours each day. Give yourself some short breaks throughout your day. Get up and move all parts of your body. Roll your shoulders back to open up your chest and allow more space for your breath. Gently take a few neck rolls to relax your shoulders and neck.

Shake out your hands. Walk a few steps to get the blood flowing in your entire body. Take a full body stretch by extending your arms up over your head and maybe even bend forward – either standing or from a seated position on your chair to relax your lower back and also give your whole body a new perspective – being upside down.

For further inspiration of how to release tension in your body, simply search for “office yoga” on YouTube to find movements that suit you and your office space.

You will feel better immediately! Movement brings energy back to all parts of your body, helps you stay focused, concentrated, and makes you feel more awake and fit!!


When working on a screen, we usually have our hands close together (typing), leaning forward and letting our shoulders fall in. It doesn’t leave much space around the chest area to breathe. As you sit up to stretch – take a few deep breaths. Direct them into your stomach rather than your upper chest. This will make you feel more relaxed and calm. Our breath is the rhythm of our life and linked to all parts of our body. If our breath goes shallow and short – we activate parts of our nervous system that signals to the rest of the body we are in an alert situation. This automatism dates back to the time when we had to run or fight for our lives. By bringing the breath to a minimum – we had more energy to run faster or fight harder.

Take a deep breath and signal your body that you are relaxed, calm and not in a dangerous situation. And the relaxation will follow this signal.

Adjust your work space

Do your best here – some things just can’t be changed. Have a look at your workspace and give it a good clean up and clear the space. Adjust your seat, so you can sit up straight more comfortably. Maybe even write a little reminder post-it to go on your display: ‘Posture!’  ‘Sit up straight’ – chose your own words.

Last but not least: be mindful!

Whatever you do – wherever you are – be mindful and check in with your body every now and then. Adjust your life and everyday behavior to be kind and gentle on your body. Become more aware.

Little changes have a huge impact on your life and your well-being! Make those changes today to feel more energized and awake.

This is only a very short excerpt from the workshop on consciousness in your work space. For more information please contact yoga.with.maike@gmail.com.


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Shake Up Your Summer!

2 Jul , 2015  


Looking for a way to shake up your summer?

Laura Joy Kiddle, founder of the Phnom Penh-based dance school, Dance World Cambodia, is offering a week of dance classes for adult learners in Siem Reap!

Laura founded Dance World Cambodia (DWC) after visiting Phnom Penh in 2009. “At this stage I had performed a lot in Australia and wanted to move somewhere with a new set of challenges. Actually, from age 10 I always wanted my own dance school in an exotic location somewhere, and here I am!”

When Laura first stopped by Phnom Penh there weren’t any Western dance styles present. “I really felt that I could make a difference and hopefully inspire, the way that I was inspired when I discovered dance,” she explained.


Laura has been dancing since a young age and decided dance was what she wanted to do with her life very early on. Her dream continued to grow as she placed high in competitions and was accepted into full time performing arts training at DW301 (Dance World Studios).

“My first dance teacher, Ms. Jenina Evans, had the biggest impact on my life. I trained with her 5 days a week for 10 years. Ms. Evans’ passion and love for dance and her students absolutely impacted my life in the biggest way, I wanted to be just like her. She was (and still is) one of my idols.”


You can definitely see that inspiration behind Laura’s work here in Cambodia.

“For me, there was nothing better than growing up a dancer. The confidence performing gives to a child is priceless.”

DWC was founded to transform children (starting at three years old) and adults into well-rounded dancers by provided courses in a variety of dance styles. The school also makes sure dance is available to everyone by offering up to ten full scholarships every term.


Laura and DWC are truly doing something different in Cambodia.

“We are the only school in the country to teach proper RAD syllabus ballet with internal examinations, while also branching our students into modern dance, contemporary, tap dance, jazz, and hip hop. We also proved two options for performance each year.”

Even with so many dance options, Laura has her favorites. She enjoys the way classical ballet’s disciplined training allows her to relax, but prefers the movement and expressive freedom found in contemporary dance.

Curious about which type of dance will speak to you?

Starting July 13 through July 16 Laura will be teaching a variety of different lessons so you’re sure to find a favorite!

  • Monday – Stretch and technique
  • Tuesday – Classical ballet
  • Wednesday – Jazz and modern dance
  • Thursday – Lyrical and contemporary

Classes are $12 per night or $40 for the whole week and run from 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the 1961.

For more information about each night’s classes, visit the event page.

All photos provided by Dance World Cambodia.

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Recap :: Startup Weekend Siem Reap

30 Jun , 2015  


It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Startup Weekend, what a whirlwind! In case you missed it, or just want to re-live the experience, we’ve put together a rundown of the event plus our thoughts on how it went.

Startup Weekends have been sweeping the globe providing fast-paced workshops to develop entrepreneurial experience and build communities. After hosting a couple successful events in Phnom Penh, our local Startup Weekend team thought it was time to bring Siem Reap aboard.


“We feel it is very relevant for a place like Siem Reap where lots of young people will own or run their own business at some stage in their life – whether that’s a more traditional family business or tech startup doesn’t matter,” Philippe Ceulen, co-founder of The 1961 and member of the Startup Weekend team, explained.

Through Startup Weekend the team hoped to get a feel for the local entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem, build a strong community, put Siem Reap on the entrepreneurship map while strengthening connections with the Phnom Penh network, and of course, have fun.


Friday evening everyone gathered around to pitch a rough idea of what they wanted to create during the workshop. A handful brave participants tried to sell their problem, propose a solution, explain how they planned to reach that solution, and gave a brief intro about themselves, all in only 60 seconds! The initial 10 pitches revolved around education initiatives, community building ideas, and tech devices and apps. After some voting and deliberation, the 25 participants chose five ideas to develop over the weekend and split themselves into teams based on their skills: developer, communications/marketing, designer, business, etc.

Over the next day and a half the teams worked hard identifying and developing the best solution to their problem before their final pitch in front of the judges Sunday evening.


In the end, three teams emerged victorious:

First – Cleanbodia: an eco-conscious startup bringing bio-degradable plastics to Siem Reap in an effort to resolve the plastic (bag) pollution problem. Their aim: to build an attractive eco-brand and create the right partnerships so they can monetize their services and products.

Second – CoEnlight: an online education platform for Cambodian students, functionally similar to other Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) but adapted to the Cambodian context. The CoEnlight team will identify the needs or skill-gap in the private sector and develop courses accordingly.

Third – WhozAround: a social network discovery application. WhozAround ties into existing social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to find people you are directly and indirectly connected with according to search criteria like interests, professional activities and geographical location. Basic functionality would be free but WhozAround will also offer a paid version for power users and professional use.

“I’ve never been involved in a Startup Weekend before and was really impressed with the ideas and final presentations,” explained Kyle Naidu, Community Manager at the 1961 and part of the event’s organizing team. “I didn’t expect the finished products to look so polished and professional after only 54 hours. It just shows how dedicated and talented the participants were.”

So what qualities make up a winning pitch?

“Very clear and detailed pitch that was tailored to the judges’ profiles. The project itself is manageable and realistic, the idea was well validated. The team had the necessary diversity and balance to be able to deliver. Limited investment required to turn this into reality” Ceulen explained.


Of course, the participants were the Startup Weekend stars, but the event wouldn’t have been a success without the venue and team at The 1961; support from great mentors and volunteers from the Phnom Penh community; CellCard, the event’s main sponsor; and the Techstars team from Kuala Lumpur (a global incubator that recently acquired UP Global).

Missed this Startup Weekend and feeling a bit blue? Don’t worry, Ceulen and the Startup Weekend team have plans for future events.

“Yes, we will continue to host Startup Weekends although organizing teams might change from event to event. We’re looking at 1 event in Phnom Penh and 1 in Siem Reap every year with the possibility to organize additional (smaller) workshops/presentations throughout the year. As both the startup scene grows and the Startup Weekend name earns its reputation, the events will become better and better! We will also be able to bring to Cambodia other Techstars events like Startup Week and Next.”

And for those of you who just can’t wait another year, Ceulen has some advice for developing your own startup.

“Start small and with a good team. Take your time, don’t try to do everything at once. Instead develop one product or service that will address a clearly defined need or want while getting to know your potential customers. Get acquainted with local laws and regulations, it’s easier to be compliant from the very beginning. If you’re inspired by another business, try to be as innovative as possible when moving forward, rather than mimicking something that’s been done before.”

Once again, a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors, mentors, judges, and volunteers who made the first Startup Weekend a success!

(Psst… you can also view all of the photos from the weekend on our Facebook page!)


Why should you join Startup Weekend Siem Reap?

8 May , 2015  

SW-blogbanner-logo (1)

We’re glad you asked!

In a nutshell, Startup Weekend is an opportunity for anyone anywhere to workshop ideas, from small business ventures to innovative apps, and turn them into reality. If you want a refresher on what a Startup Weekend entails, check out our previous post, What is a “Startup Weekend anyway?” and take a look at the Startup Weekend Siem Reap About page.

No matter your background; designer, developer, tech guru, or just interested in being a part of something different, Startup Weekend Siem Reap is the perfect place to test your talents and gain valuable entrepreneurial experience. Even if you don’t have a business idea of your own you’ll be able to collaborate with others, sharing your skills to make something great.

Throughout the weekend you’ll get a crash course on how to take an idea and turn it into action. Mentors established in the startup community will provide tips and critiques to help you and your team shape a viable business model, which you will then pitch to a panel of judges. Over the 54-hour workshop you’ll also become a more empowered leader and further develop your creative and innovative thinking abilities, priceless skills in the social entrepreneurship world.

SWSR Beaker People-01

Need some inspiration?

Check out these awesome ideas that launched from Startup Weekend Phnom Penh:

Joonaak – Delivery Services in Phnom Penh. Take a look at their really nice delivery motorbikes https://www.facebook.com/joonaak2u

Pmap – Stands for Promotion Map, a mobile application that allows you to easily find great promotions nearby https://www.facebook.com/pmap.official

So what are you waiting for? Register now and take advantage of early bird prices!

Startup Weekend Siem Reap 2015 | Friday 29 May 6pm until Sunday 31 May evening

Venue: The 1961 Coworking and Art Space

$22 (early bird) – includes all food and drinks for the weekend, coaching from our professional mentors, startup tools and lots of fun!

Visit our Startup Weekend Siem Reap page to register and buy tickets!

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Barefoot Leader Workshop: Spice up your meetings

4 May , 2015  


We’ve all been there; struggling to stay focused during a drawn out presentation or worse, flipping through your own PowerPoint while watching your audience gradually disengage.

Gabriel Ellis-Ferrara, founder of Barefoot Leaders understands and wants to help you bring life back into your meetings. With his MBA background and passion for art Gabriel consults with a variety of businesses on a new method for motivating audiences: Visual Meetings.

Intrigued? So are we.

Wednesday, May 6 from 6 – 9 p.m. and Saturday, May 9 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Gabriel will be hosting workshops at the 1961 to teach you how to transform the way you lead and motivate your team.

The workshop is $15 if you register early, $20 at the door.

What you’ll get:

  • 3-hour workshop led by the founder of Barefoot Leaders
  • Visual Leadership Certificate
  • “Visual Leadership” handout
  • 25% off consulting services
  • All workshop materials provided

Learn more about Barefoot Leaders on their website.

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What is a “Startup Weekend” anyway?

21 Apr , 2015  


For the first time ever Startup Weekend is coming to Siem Reap! You’re going to hear us talk a lot about it over the coming weeks (we can’t help it, we’re excited) and thought you might be wondering:

What is a “Startup Weekend” anyway?

According to the event’s handbook, the purpose of a Startup Weekend is to provide anyone all over the world the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship and develop the skills, connections, and confidence necessary to launch a company.

The hands-on experience will guide you from pitching your idea and forming a team to creating a working prototype while mentors and coaches help you turn your idea into reality, all in 54 hours.

Is Startup Weekend right for you?


Have you been mulling over an idea? Or perhaps you have a set of skills and want to be a part of something fresh? Then Startup Weekend Siem Reap is the perfect opportunity to flush out your thoughts, hone your talents, and finally get to work on that business venture.

Do you have what it takes to launch a startup in 54 hours? Join us and find out!

Learn more about what Startup Weekend Siem Reap entails and reserve your spot here: Startup Weekend Siem Reap

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The Future of Coworking: Notes from the Coworking Unconference Asia

6 Apr , 2015  

Photo credit: CUASIA 2015

This past January we sent John Sherman to the Coworking Unconference Asia hosted by Hubud, Bali’s first coworking space. John works closely with the 1961 founders on business development while also working out of the 1961 on his own business ventures. We recently caught up with John to get his thoughts on the conference and learn where he sees coworking heading in the future.


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